Everex Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair Gujarat (LRG) has the professional skills and experience of over 10 years of laptop repairs to fix/repair your EVEREX laptop fast. We have access to all the laptop parts for all models of EVEREX laptops. If you have a slow, overheating, dead, not starting, blue-screening, broken, cracked, smashed, shattered screen, black screen, liquid spill or any other way damaged EVEREX laptop , let us, the expert EVEREX laptop repairer in Gujarat, fix your EVEREX Laptop today.

EVEREX Service and repairs provided for:

We fix, repair and replace cracked, shattered, damaged and broken EVEREX screens, motherboard repair and/or replacement power jack/socket, screen hinges, keyboard, battery, power supply

EVEREX OS (windows) service, repair and recovery, updates and upgrades, all other software installation and customization, virus removal, data recovery and backup solutions

We provide all EVEREX laptop repairs and service at the best, cheapest prices in Gujarat.

EVEREX LAPTOP SCREEN REPAIR SERVICES INCLUDE LCD screens, LED screens, Cracked screens, Broken screens, Shattered screens, Inverter boards, Dim screens, Super slim screens, Flickering screens, , screen backlight, Stripes on screen, Half a screen, Screen hinges, Broken screen case, Cracked casing and Video cables.