General Repairs

Laptop is designed to be portable, and as such is put together in an entirely different way to desktop Laptop s. Desktop Laptop s are very modular, and all feature expansion ports for separate components such as video cards, sound cards, network cards, have power supplies in separate boxes, and the motherboard is a separate item. With laptop and Laptop s almost all of these items are integrated onto the motherboard, and the power supply from your charger is plugged into a DC in-jack that is soldered onto the motherboard. In general only the high end and expensive laptops and notebooks offer slots for separate video cards.

What this all means for laptop repair is that while the issue itself may be relatively simple to fix, actually getting to the area where the problem is located can be difficult and mean taking the entire Laptop apart. With a desktop Laptop if the power supply fails you drop another one in, where if your DC in-jack is broken this means you have to take the laptop completely apart, remove all the components and the motherboard, de-solder the current DC in-jack from the laptop’s motherboard, and solder on the new one.

Below is a list of some of the most common issues that can affect your laptop. The technicians at Laptop Repair Gujarat have had a wide variety of experience with all of these issues in a range of Laptop s, and can repair your laptop or notebook for you with any of these problems.

  • Laptop won’t boot up
  • Laptop overheating, even shutting down
  • Hard drive failure
  • Memory (RAM) failure
  • Motherboard failure
  • Defective or broken charger/adapter
  • Broken or poorly contacting DC in-jack
  • Malfunctioning or broken ventilator/fan
  • Dim, dark or cracked LCD screen
  • Broken hinges on the LCD assembly
  • Individual keys or keyboard not working
  • Built in mouse or touchpad malfunctioning
  • Trojan, Virus, Root kit or other malware infection